Temples in the Land Of Saints And Yogis, Himachal Pradesh


Famous Whilst the Dev Bhoomi, the Property of Himachal Pradesh lives up to its Own Name. Abode of the Gods, you can find 2000 Hindu temples which disperse across the mountains peaks along with elevations as high as 3500 meters above the sea level. Thousands of devotees, both locals and outsiders throng these temples to pay for homage for the renowned Hindu Lords, especially Lord Shiva, whose love for the mountains has ever stayed clear.

There isn’t a hill or a village, that does not consist of hosting Hindu shrines and temples which observe mythological episodes. From nearby temples devoted into the Devi Devtaas (patron gods and goddesses) to larger shrine dedicated to prominent Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Some of them temples return for as aged as 9th century. They’ve lived as a result of the ravages of enemy invasions, fought natural calamities such as earthquakes. They even passed the tests of time, and still stand proud, to welcome devotees from across the nation. The Bajeshwari Temple in Kangra district can be a illustration of this a temple, that has been wrecked in 1905 by a substantial earthquake, also reconstructed in 1920.

The oldest and largest temple in Himachal Pradesh, Laxmi Narayan temples located in Chamba district. Not just is the temple a religious centre, but in addition a wonderful work of structure. The principal deities of the six rock temples are lord Shiva and Vishnu thirukadaiyur.

The second in line would be the Naina Devi temple, which is just a famed tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh and retains tremendous religious importance. Located in the district of Bilaspur, the temple is just one of the Shaktipeeths, in which eyes out of your corpse of Sati fell, so that it got christened as Naina Devi.

Manimahesh the highest temple at

state, located in the banks of Manimahesh Lake, in a elevation of 40 80 meters above the ocean level, it is the mythical abode of Shiva. Following Janmashtami, the yearly Manimahesh Yatra is coordinated. Pilgrims beginning from Chamba and traverse via a tough track from Bharmaur to get to the lake, where they take a holy dip in the waters of this river, and also carry forward their journey for the temple.

Outside of the aforementioned, travel at Himachal to detect other famed temples, for example as Jwalamukhi Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Hadimba temple, Jakhu temple, Chintpurni temple, and several more are seen by devotees in sizeable numbers. Although seen during this calendar year, it’s throughout festivals and special parties whenever these temples become active together with all prayers.