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That is just a huge trend of English videos all over the whole world. People are extremely fond of watching English movies. You’ll find lots of people who go to cinemas to see films. A few folks see movies inside their homes either with their pals or alone. These are also a supply of advice. You can also study or increase your English by watching English films.

You will find a number of good English movies which are published in 2011. In addition, there are lots of great videos which are coming up. Most films have very exciting names. A few of the good English movies of 2011 are recorded under:

• The Green Hornet: This is just a very excellent action comedy film which was published on 14th of January, 2011 in the united states. The name of this manager with this movie is Michel Gondry. The stars of this movie are Christoph Waltz, Camerondiaz and Seth Rogen.

• Just Go withit This is a romantic-comedy film which was released on 11th of February, 2011. The director of this picture is Dennis Dugan. The celebrities of this movie are jennifer-aniston and Adam Sandler.

• No Strings Attached: it’s a romantic comedy movie, published on 21st of January, 2011. The manager of this picture is Ivan Reitman. The celebrities of the movie are Ashton Kutcher, Cary Elwes, Kevin Kline and Natalie Portman 123Movies.

• The Roommate:” it really is actually a thriller film unveiled on 4th February, 2011. The director of this picture is Christian E. Christiansen.

• corridor Transport: it really is a comedy film produced on 14th June, 2011. The celebrities of this film are Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Christiana Applegate along with Owen Wilson.

• The Adjustment Bureau: it’s an enchanting thriller movie. The manager of the movie is George Nolfi. The celebrities of the film are Emily Blunt, Phyllis MacBryde, Matt Damon and Florence Kastriner.

• Require Me Home Tonight: It is a very good picture published on 4th March, 2011. The manager of the picture is Michael Dowse. The celebrities of the film are Anna Faris, Teresa Palmer, Dan Fogler and Topher Grace.

• Red Riding Hood: it’s a terror movie. The director of this picture is Catherine Hardwicke. The celebrities of this movie are Lukas Haas, Billy Burke, Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman.

Each one the above mentioned pictures are very excellent movies of 2011. You may certainly enjoy while watching these movies.

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